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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 54: Establishment and maintenance of schools for institutional on-farm training for World War II and Korean emergency veterans

Section 54. The board of higher education may establish and maintain, in cooperation with local public or vocational school authorities, one or more schools for institutional on-farm training for veterans of World War II and for veterans of the Korean emergency. Said board may contract or agree with said local school authorities, in such centers as may be selected, for the establishment of such schools, for the use of quarters therefor, for the payment of the cost of operation thereof and equipment therefor, and for local supervision and administration of the training program.

Said board shall appoint, and may remove, the teaching personnel of such schools, shall determine the rates of salary for said personnel, shall pay the costs of instructional and supervisory travel of such personnel, and shall purchase, or provide for the purchase of, approved texts for trainees at said schools. Said board shall employ such additional supervisory and clerical personnel as may be needed by it in the carrying out of the training programs under this section. Said board may contract with the Veterans' Administration for the purpose of procuring reimbursement to the commonwealth for approvable costs of conducting and administering said training courses for veterans of World War II. Said board may contract with and collect from veterans of the Korean emergency tuition for said training.