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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 17: Experiments and investigations; nature and scope

Section 17. The trustees shall cause experiments and investigations to be made at said station in the following subjects:

First, The causes, prevention and remedies of diseases of domestic animals, plants and trees;

Second, The history and habits of insects destructive to vegetation, and the means of abating them;

Third, The manufacture and composition of both foreign and domestic fertilizers, their values and adaptability to different crops and soils;

Fourth, The values, under all conditions, of forage, grain and root crops, as food for farm animals, for various purposes;

Fifth, The comparative value of green and dry forage, and the cost of producing and preserving them in the best condition;

Sixth, The adulteration of any article of food intended for the use of men or animals;

Seventh, Testing poultry to eliminate disease;

Eighth, Other subjects deemed advantageous to agriculture and horticulture in the commonwealth.