General Laws

Section 32B. There is hereby established the David I. Walsh-Leverett Saltonstall visiting lectureship program in practical politics and public affairs at the university. For such program the university may annually expend such sums, not to exceed twenty-five thousand dollars, as may be appropriated therefor.

The president of the university and the board of trustees shall select as such visiting lecturers individuals who are both learned and experienced in practical politics and public affairs, and who possess the ability to communicate such knowledge to university students.

The duties of the visiting lecturers shall be decided upon by the president of the university and the chairmen of the departments of political science and politics.

The visiting lecturers shall be appointed for a period not to exceed one year, and they may be assigned to the university branch at Boston or Amherst for a full year, or may be assigned to either branch for one semester or less.