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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 39: Environmental technology testing facility and environmental business center

Section 39. (a) There shall be an environmental technology testing facility, hereinafter referred to as the facility, and an environmental business center, hereinafter referred to as the center, at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

(b) The purposes and responsibilities of the facility shall be to:

(1) cooperate closely with state and federal agencies and industry in the testing, assessing, and evaluating of innovative environmental technologies; and

(2) provide assistance and expertise to public officials responsible for the permitting of innovative environmental technologies and for establishing policy and regulations governing the permitting of such technologies.

(c) The purposes and responsibilities of the center shall be to:

(1) provide assistance and training to Massachusetts environmental business and industry in environmental business management, including technology development and commercialization, financing, and other relevant areas; and

(2) assist Massachusetts business and industry in the development of exports of environmental technologies, products, and services.