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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 19H: Definitions

Section 19H. As used in sections nineteen G to nineteen K, inclusive, the following words shall, unless the context otherwise requires, have the following meanings:?

''Addition, expansion or extension'', work which will result in an increase in the overall external dimension of a public library facility.

''Alteration'', work required to modify or adjust the interior space arrangement or other physical characteristics of an existing public library facility so that it may be more effectively utilized for its present designated functional purpose.

''Approved public library project'', an undertaking for the planning, alteration, construction, demolition, reconstruction, renovation, addition, expansion, extension, or rehabilitation of a public library facility as approved by a majority vote of the town at a town meeting or by a majority vote of a city council, with the approval of the mayor, in the case of a city or in a municipality having a town council form of government, by vote of the town council.

''Construction'', new construction, alteration, renovation, rehabilitation, or other activity that is intended to result in a significant increase in the internal useable space of a free public library.

''Master plan'', a study, description, or design of an approved library project which is intended to ensure that various components of an approved public library project shall be compatible with each other and that the approved public library project as a whole is compatible with its surroundings.

''Planning'', the preparation of a master plan, study, analysis, or similar report the purpose of which is to define the cost, content and schedule of an approved library project so as to establish a frame of reference prior to design, acquisition, construction, alteration, renovation, rehabilitation or other activity of an approved public library project.

''Public agency'', a department, board, commission, council or other instrumentality of a city or town.

''Public library facility'', a building, modular unit, facility jointly used by more than one municipality or other structure utilized as a free public library in a city or town.

''Rehabilitation'', work required to restore a public library facility to its former historic condition, or to modify and modernize a public library facility in order that it may be effectively utilized for its designated functional purpose.

''Renovation'', work required to restore and modernize most of a public library facility in order that the facility may be effectively utilized for its designated functional purpose or to comply with current code requirements.

''Study'', a plan, analysis or report to identify and evaluate alternative solutions to and recommendations for a solution to the needs and requirements defined by a public agency proposing an approved public library project.