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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 19I: Application for and distribution of funds

Section 19I. The board of library commissioners shall establish rules and regulations which shall govern the application for and distribution of said funds. Any such rule and regulation shall require that any city or town receiving a grant for an approved public library project for the planning, construction, renovation, alteration, addition, expansion or demolition of a public library facility make a financial commitment to the project for which the grant is awarded.

An application must be for an approved public library project and shall be in such form as prescribed by said board and shall be accompanied by such additional master plan, information, drawings, plans, estimates of costs and proposals for defraying such costs as the board may require. The board may consult with the division of capital asset management and maintenance under the secretary of administration and finance as to the feasibility and cost of any such application.

Said board may, if it is satisfied that the application so submitted meets the requirements as established by said board and that the expenses to be incurred are reasonable, certify to the comptroller for payment to such city and town such amount as it may deem proper and the state treasurer shall forthwith make payments so certified from any funds appropriated therefor.