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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 15: Application of sections controlling eminent domain and betterments; fees of guardians and commissioners

Section 15. The provisions of chapters seventy-nine and eighty, and all other provisions of law relative to proceedings under said chapters, shall apply to proceedings under this chapter, and to betterments assessed thereunder, so far as applicable and not inconsistent with the provisions hereof; but no petition for the assessment of compensation or damages or for the abatement of an assessment shall be maintained by any person who has been made a party to the proceedings for condemnation or with respect to property the record owners of which at the time of the adoption of the order under section two have been made parties thereto. Failure to make any person having an interest in the land taken, damaged or assessed a party respondent under section four shall not invalidate the proceedings, but such person shall not be bound by the judgment in the proceedings in respect to compensation, damages or assessments. The court shall determine the compensation of guardians ad litem and commissioners appointed under this chapter, and shall have power to establish and regulate the procedure thereunder, so far as not therein prescribed.