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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 3: Purchase and maintenance of road machinery; storage quarters

Section 3. Steam road rollers and other road machinery, purchased by the department and owned by the commonwealth shall be managed and maintained under the direction of the department, which may engage competent engineers and mechanics to operate and keep said machines in repair, may purchase all needed materials and supplies, and may incur such other expenses as may be necessary to operate, maintain and transport said machines. Upon the application of the selectmen or road commissioners of a town of not more than twelve thousand inhabitants, the department may furnish such road machinery for use by the town in building or repairing ways therein. The expenses incurred under this section shall be paid by the towns using said machines, as apportioned and directed by the department. For the purpose of providing suitable quarters for the storage of supplies, the storage and repair of road rollers and other road machinery and tools and other equipment owned by the commonwealth and for the construction, operation and maintenance of inter-departmental communications systems, the department may, subject to the approval of the governor and council, take by eminent domain or acquire by purchase or gift land and buildings and construct or alter buildings or other structures on any land so acquired. Any person whose property has been taken or injured by any action of the department under authority of this section may recover compensation therefor from the commonwealth under chapter seventy-nine.