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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 10: Regulation of use of ways; penalties

Section 10. Towns may make ordinances and by-laws to prevent the pasturing of cattle or other animals, either with or without a keeper; relative to the passage and driving of sheep, swine and neat cattle; prohibiting persons from riding or driving beasts of burden, carriage or draught, at a rate of speed inconsistent with public safety or convenience; regulating the passage of street cars, or other vehicles, or the use of sleds for coasting; regulating and controlling persons who frequent public places playing on hand organs, drums, trumpets or other musical instruments, upon or through any public way, and may affix penalties of not more than twenty dollars for each violation thereof. They may, by ordinance or by-law, regulate the transportation of the offal of slaughtered animals upon or through any public way and affix a penalty of not more than one hundred dollars for each violation thereof.