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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 3B: Changing of name of way

Section 3B. When any way in a city or town which is open for public use but has not become a public way is known by a name, identical with the name of another such way or of a public way in the same city or town, or so similar thereto as, in the opinion of its board of survey, or, if there is no such board, its board of aldermen or board of selectmen, to lead to confusion, said board, after a public hearing thereon of which notice shall be given in the manner provided in section seventy-four of chapter forty-one, may by order change the name of either such way which has not become a public way. Said board shall cause to be placed on each way, the name of which is changed hereunder, at or near each point where any other way enters or unites with it, a suitable sign bearing the name of such way as changed and stating that it is not a public way, and shall cause to be filed in the registry of deeds of the district in which such way is located, and also in case such way is in a city, in the office of the city engineer or, in case it is in a town, in the office of the town clerk, a copy of the order effecting such change signed by the chairman of the board ordering the same. Nothing in this or the preceding section, nor any action taken under and in accordance with either of them, shall impose any additional liability upon any city or town.