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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Permits for signs and other structures projecting into or over ways

Section 8. The municipal board or officer having charge of the laying out of public ways may grant permits for the placing and maintaining of signs, advertising devices, clocks, marquees, public telephones, telephone booths and other appurtenances thereto, permanent awnings and other like structures projecting into or placed on or over public ways in its town or city, and may fix the fees therefor, and may make rules and regulations relating thereto, and prescribe the penalties for a breach of any such rules and regulations, not to be imposed until after five days' notice to remove the same has been given by such board or officer, or by a police officer of the municipality. All such structures shall be constructed, and, when attached to a building, shall be connected therewith, in accordance with the requirements of the inspector of buildings, building commissioner or other board or officer having like authority in the town.