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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 17: Discontinuance; appeal

Section 17. A town at a meeting called for the purpose may discontinue any common landing place laid out under this chapter. Any resident of the town, or of an adjoining town aggrieved by such discontinuance may, within six months thereafter, appeal to the county commissioners, who shall give notice to the clerk of the town in which such landing place is situated, and to the clerks of every adjoining town, of a hearing on such appeal and of the time and place appointed therefor, at least thirty days before the time appointed for the hearing, and they shall also cause copies of the petition, or abstracts thereof, and of the notice, to be posted in two public places in each of said towns, and to be published three weeks successively in such newspaper as they shall order; the posting and the last publication to be fourteen days at least before any view, hearing or adjudication on such appeal. The proceedings of the county commissioners shall, so far as is practicable, be in accordance with the law regarding the discontinuance of a way by county commissioners, and the decision of the county commissioners shall be final.