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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 22A: Suspension of operator's license or registration certificates, unsatisfied judgment; reinstatement of license

Section 22A. The registrar, after hearing, shall suspend any license to operate motor vehicles issued to a judgment debtor in an action brought to recover damages for injury to property arising out of the use, operation or maintenance on the ways of the commonwealth of a motor vehicle or trailer; or, if the judgment debtor is a partnership, a trust, or a corporation, shall suspend all certificates of registration issued to it under this chapter, if within sixty days after a finding by a court and notification to the registrar by the clerk of court that a judgment has been entered against the judgment debtor in said action, and that the judgment debtor has willfully and intentionally failed to pay an order or orders consistent with the provisions of chapter two hundred and twenty-four.

This section shall not apply in any case if the registrar is satisfied as aforesaid that the judgment debtor was, at the time such injury occurred, insured against loss or damage on account of his legal liability for such injury by or under a policy of insurance issued by an insurance company duly authorized to transact business in the commonwealth under chapter one hundred and seventy-five, to the amount or limit of at least five thousand dollars. Nor shall this section apply in the case of a judgment rendered in an action brought to recover damages for death or bodily injuries as well as damages for such injury to property, unless a separate finding or verdict for such property damages has been entered or returned in such action, in which case the amount of damages so awarded shall, for the purposes of this section, be deemed the amount of the judgment. The registrar shall not impose such suspension if he is satisfied that indemnity against such judgment will be furnished by the judgment debtor to the commonwealth, or a city or town under section one hundred A of chapter forty-one.

If a judgment debtor satisfies the clerk of the court in which the order was issued that said judgment debtor is unable to locate the judgment creditor or his legal representative, he shall deposit with such clerk the full amount of the order or orders and said clerk shall give him a receipt therefor reciting such facts. Upon presentation to the registrar, such receipt shall be evidence of satisfaction, release, or discharge of the obligation under any such order.

If the license of a judgement debtor has been suspended pursuant to this section, the judgement debtor may apply to the registrar for reinstatement of the license. The registrar shall reinstate the license if the judgement debtor has satisfied the judgement, made a deposit with the clerk of the court for the amount of the judgement, or has not willfully or intentionally failed to comply with the provisions of chapter two hundred and twenty-four.