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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2F: Distinctive registration plates; submission of applications; eligible organizations

Section 2F. (a) The registrar shall design, issue and regulate the use of distinctive registration plates, subject to the following conditions: an organization sponsoring or requesting a distinctive registration plate shall post a bond in the amount of $100,000 to secure the issuance of the distinctive plate. The organization or group shall also submit 750 individual applications requesting the distinctive registration plate on an application form determined by the registrar, and the application form shall include the name, address and signature of each individual requesting the distinctive registration plate. Each of the 750 applications shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable check in the amount of $40. Upon the completion of the submission of the bond and the 750 individual applications, the organization or group requesting the distinctive registration plate shall submit a proposed design for the plate. The registrar shall approve the design within 90 days of its submission. After the registrar grants approval of the design, the registrar shall send the distinctive registration plate into production.

(b) A minimum of 3,000 distinctive registration plates shall be issued within 5 years of the issuance of the first distinctive registration plate in the series. Failure to reach the minimum by the end of the 5–year period shall result in the total or partial forfeiture of the bond. If total revenue generated by the distinctive registration plate is less than the established total cost to the commonwealth for issuing distinctive registration plates, an amount equivalent to the difference in revenues and costs shall be deposited from the bond into the General Fund. The remainder of the bond shall be returned to the organization or group that posted the bond.

(c) Distinctive registration plates to be considered by the registrar pursuant to this section shall include, but not be limited to, plates that will benefit the following agencies, charities, causes or nonprofit organizations: The Jimmy Fund for the purpose of assisting their efforts in cancer treatment, research and prevention; The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation, Inc.; Mini Fenway Park; The American Cancer Society for the purpose of assisting their efforts in cancer treatment, research and prevention; the establishment of a children's education fund to assist local cities and towns in purchasing textbooks for their school systems; the establishment of a library preservation trust fund to assist the commonwealth's public libraries in purchasing books, periodicals and other literature and equipment; the Black United Fund of Massachusetts; the Diane Zaniboni Breast Cancer Research Fund coordinated by Tufts New England Medical Center; the pharmacy assistance program; The Humane Coalition for the purposes of instituting animal control programs; The Rotary Foundation; The Springfield Library and Museum Association for the purposes of creating and supporting a Dr. Seuss Museum in the city of Springfield; The New England Chapter of Transplant Recipients International Organization, Inc. for supporting organ and tissue donation and outreach efforts; the department of environmental management for the maintenance of historical vessels; the University of Massachusetts scholars fund and alumni fund; the establishment of an agricultural trust fund to promote and enhance the viability of agriculture; the establishment of a violence prevention education program to be coordinated by the department of education; an open space acquisition program to be coordinated by the executive office of environmental affairs; the Second Century Fund coordinated by the department of environmental management for the maintenance, preservation and operation of the state park system; the establishment of a fund to assist in the maintenance and preservation of historical monuments; the establishment of a youth hockey promotion fund to offset the costs of participating in youth hockey and promote improvement of parent and player behavior; the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Program and the Lazarus Program; the establishment of a Massachusetts AFL–CIO scholarship trust fund to promote the study of labor history and to provide scholarship assistance to Harvard University's trade union program; the establishment of a future of nursing fund to assist in efforts to address the shortage of nurses; the rider education program to promote driver and motorcycle safety; the Massachusetts Firefighters Academy Trust Fund; the Power Linemen Fund for the further training of apprentices; the Fallen Firefighter Memorial Fund to be coordinated by the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts; the public school PTO/PTA Public School education fund; Massachusetts Firefighter Safety Fund; the University of Massachusetts Men's and Women's varsity gymnastic teams; the Old Colony Club for the purpose of restoring the Forefathers' monument; The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation to benefit the fund for arts, culture and education; motorist safety as it pertains to bicyclists and sharing the road; the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for research into treatment and prevention of juvenile diabetes, the Cape Cod Baseball League; and Mini–Fenway Park, Inc. and cities and towns for the purpose of supporting local programs as organized by a single city or town.

(d) The registrar shall design, produce, issue and regulate the use of distinctive registration plates proposed by any agency, charity or nonprofit organization that has satisfactorily complied with the conditions and requirements set forth in subsection (a).