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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32C: Leasing motor vehicles on mileage basis; registration of distance by mechanical devices; deception by lessor or lessee; leasing to intoxicated or unlicensed persons; redelivery

Section 32C. No person engaged in the business of leasing motor vehicles or trailers under the ''drive-it-yourself'' system, so called, or any similar system, wherein the amount of the rental is determinable in whole or in part by the distance such motor vehicles or trailers travel, shall lease any such vehicle whereto is attached a hubodometer or other mechanical device for the purpose of registering the distance that such vehicle travels which does not register such distance with substantial accuracy, nor shall any such person, herein and in the following three sections called the lessor, knowingly deceive any lessee of any such vehicle under any such system, herein and in the following three sections called the lessee, as to the distance which such vehicle has traveled under the lease, or make or collect a charge for the use thereof based wholly or in part on such deception, or lease any such vehicle for operation on any public way by any person whom he knows or has reason to believe to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor or of any drug. No lessor shall lease any motor vehicle or trailer until the lessee shows that he or his authorized operator is the holder of a duly issued license to operate the type of motor vehicle or trailer which is being leased.

No lessee shall, with intent to deceive the lessor, remove or attempt to remove, tamper with or attempt to tamper with, or in any other wise interfere with, any such hubodometer or other mechanical device so attached, or knowingly aid or assist another in so doing; nor shall any lessee abandon the vehicle or wilfully refuse or neglect to redeliver it in such manner as he may have agreed.