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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32E: Leasing motor vehicles on mileage basis; operation of vehicles or use of trailers; insurance coverage

Section 32E. Each lessee shall enter, or cause to be entered, on the record required by section thirty-two D, his correct name and address, in full, and shall not permit or suffer any other person to operate such motor vehicle or use such trailer while it is so leased; provided, that a lessee who makes known at the time of leasing that he is unable, or does not intend, to operate such vehicle or use such trailer personally and intends to have such vehicle operated or used for him by another and who at such time also furnishes as to such operator the information required by section thirty-two D, may, with the consent of the lessor, permit such operator to operate such vehicle or use such trailer during the time of the lease. Operation of such vehicle by any person permitted or suffered by the lessee to operate the same in violation of this section shall nevertheless be deemed to be with the express or implied consent of the lessor for the purposes of sections thirty-four A to thirty-four J, inclusive.

Every lessor shall provide and maintain, during such time as he engages in the business of leasing motor vehicles under any system referred to in section thirty-two C a motor vehicle liability policy or bond or deposit, which, in addition to providing indemnity, protection or security for personal injuries, shall, except in the case of vehicles leased for a term of more than thirty days, further provide indemnity, protection or security for damage to property as required by the provisions of this chapter.