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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 34P: Notice to law enforcement officials; failure to provide or maintain liability policy, bond or deposit; seizure of registration plates

Section 34P. The registrar after receipt of a notice as referred to in section thirty-four H, that a motor vehicle which is subject to the provisions of section one A and for which a motor vehicle liability policy or bond or deposit required by the provisions of this chapter has not been provided and maintained in accordance therewith, and upon the effective date of revocation pursuant to said section thirty-four H, shall notify state law enforcement agencies and the municipal police department of the city or town of principal garaging of said motor vehicle of such failure to provide and maintain said policy or bond or deposit. Further, such notice shall include the name and address of the owner of the motor vehicle and the address of the principal place of garaging.

State law enforcement personnel or the police of the city or town in which such motor vehicle is so garaged shall, upon receipt of said notice from the registrar seize the registration plates in use on said motor vehicle or when said registration plates are affixed to any vehicle or are in the possession or custody of any individual whether on a public way or private property and return them forthwith, unless the owner shall present a notice of reinstatement from the insurer or evidence of a new motor vehicle insurance policy dated at least two days prior to the effective date of revocation pursuant to section thirty-four H; provided, however, that municipal law enforcement agencies shall have the primary authority and responsibility to seize revoked registration plates within the limits of their jurisdiction; and, provided further, that no provision of this section shall prevent a state law enforcement official from seizing a revoked registration plate when in the performance of his duties.