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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 34N: Assigned claims plan

Section 34N. Insurers authorized to provide personal injury protection in this commonwealth are hereby directed to organize and maintain an assigned claims plan to provide that any person resident in the commonwealth, other than the owner or registrant of a motor vehicle not insured by a policy or bond providing personal injury protection or a member of such owner or registrant's household, who suffers loss or expense as a result of an injury arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle while the motor vehicle is upon the ways of the commonwealth or in any place therein to which the public has a right of access, may obtain personal injury protection benefits through said plan in any case where no personal injury protection benefits are otherwise available to such a person provided that the following shall not be entitled to such benefits:

(1) a person entitled to payments or benefits under the provisions of chapter one hundred and fifty-two, or

(2) a person who is subject to exclusion from personal injury protection benefits by insurers under section thirty-four A of this chapter.

Said plan shall contain such rules and regulations for operation and for the assessment of costs as shall be approved by the commissioner of insurance. Any claim brought through said plan shall be assigned to an insurer in accordance with the approved regulations of operation and that insurer, after such assignment, shall have the same rights and obligations it would have if prior to such assignment it had issued a policy providing personal injury protection applicable to the loss or expenses incurred. Any party accepting such benefits hereunder shall have such rights and obligations as he would have were a policy providing personal injury protection benefits issued to him.