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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 49A: Retention of court records of cases involving violations of Secs. 35 to 52; abstracts

Section 49A. A full record shall be kept by every court of every case in which a person is charged with a violation of any provision of sections thirty-five to fifty-two, inclusive, of this chapter, or of the rules and regulations for the enforcement of said sections made by the commission, or of airport approach regulations made by a city or town under section forty A, and an abstract of such record shall be sent forthwith by the court to the commission. Said abstracts shall be made upon forms prepared by the commission, and shall include all necessary information as to the parties to the case, the nature of the offence, the date of the hearing, the plea, the judgment and the result; and every such abstract shall be certified by the clerk of the court as a true abstract of the record of the court. The commission shall keep such records in its office, and they shall be open to the inspection of any person during reasonable business hours.