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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7D1/2: Transportation of vocational school students; motor vehicle requirements; seat belts

Section 7D1/2. The requirements of clauses (1), (3), (5), (8), (9), (10), (13), (15), and (16) of section seven B shall apply to any motor vehicle used to transport vocational school students participating in a work project to and from the work site and having permanent seating accommodations for not more than fourteen persons in addition to the operator. In addition, each such vehicle shall be required:

(1) To provide adequate space for the secured and affixed storage of all tools, equipment and materials to be transported;

(2) To be operated by a person eighteen years of age or over who has had at least three years of licensed driving experience and who is duly licensed by his state of residence for operation of the class of vehicle being operated and has said license in his possession.

(3) To be equipped with one pair of adequate chock blocks and three flares in compliance with United States motor vehicle D.O.T. Safety Standards No. 125 which shall be placed upon the roadway in compliance with section fourteen B of chapter eighty-five when such vehicle becomes disabled upon the traveled portion of any street or highway; and

(4) To be equipped with a seat belt for each permanent seating accommodation designed and installed in compliance with United States motor vehicle D.O.T. safety standards, which seat belt shall be fastened about each passenger at all times during vehicle operation.