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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7Y: Certification and training of inspectors; rules and regulations

Section 7Y. The inspection of motor vehicles for emissions under section seven A shall be performed only by certified inspectors. The commissioner shall establish by rules and regulations for the certification and training of such inspectors and shall provide that certification not be transferable between individuals. No person shall be certified unless he had demonstrated his competence by such examination, training, or other standard the commissioner may prescribe. The commissioner shall also revoke the certification of any inspector who intentionally fails to properly inspect a motor vehicle in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by the commissioner under section one hundred and forty-two J of chapter one hundred and eleven of the General Laws.

Any regulation, as defined in section one of chapter thirty A, or any amendment or repeal of any such regulation adopted by the commissioner pursuant to this section, shall, after compliance with all applicable provision of said chapter thirty A, except section five, shall be submitted to the general court. Said commissioner shall file the proposed regulation, amendment or repeal with the clerk of the house of representatives, together with a statement that the pertinent provisions of said chapter thirty A, except section five have been complied with. Such regulations shall be accompanied by a summary of the regulations in layman's terms. The clerk of the house of representatives, with the approval of the president of the senate and the speaker of the house of representatives, shall refer such regulations to the appropriate joint standing committee. Within thirty days after such referral, such committee may hold a public hearing on the regulations and shall issue a report to the commissioner. Said commissioner shall review said report and shall adopt final regulations as deemed appropriate in view of said report and shall file with the chairmen of such reporting committee its final regulations, not earlier than thirty days after the filing of such report with the said chairmen. Said commissioner shall file the final regulations with the state secretary as provided in section five of said chapter thirty and said regulations shall thereupon take effect.