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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4: Powers and duties of committee

Section 4. The committee shall meet on the call of the governor at such times and places as he may determine. It shall be the duty of the committee to study the problems of safety in connection with the operation of motor vehicles; to consult and co-operate with all departments of state government in regard to highway safety; to promote and encourage uniform and effective programs of safety on highways and to assist in the co-ordination of such programs among state departments, local governmental agencies, other governmental agencies, and private organizations; to interchange information among the several departments of the state government for more effective highway safety conditions; to co-operate with officials of the United States government and with local governments toward the achievement of greater highway safety; to encourage highway safety education in the commonwealth; to encourage and assist in the creation of, and the programs of, local highway safety committees; and to make recommendations to the legislature with respect to the problems of highway safety.