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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 6: Printing and distribution of citation books; audit sheets

Section 6. The registrar shall print citation books and distribute the same to each police chief, and shall obtain receipts therefor. Each police chief shall accept and be responsible for all citation books issued to that department. The registrar shall also furnish two copies of an audit sheet for each citation book, with the same number as the citation book.

When a citation has been completed, the police chief or an officer of a rank not less than sergeant, or in the case of the state police of a rank not less than corporal and who is in charge of a state police barracks, shall record the issuance and disposition of such citation upon the audit sheet in such manner as the registrar shall prescribe, including but not limited to the name of the police officer who utilized the citation, and whether any citation was spoiled, mutilated or otherwise voided by an agent of the police department or organization. When all citations in a citation book are issued or used, the police chief shall sign and return one copy of the completed audit sheet to the registrar, keeping the other copy for the files of that department. The registrar shall determine the form and content, and the method of transmitting, such audit sheets.

The registrar may at any time demand and inspect any citation, citation book or audit sheet used by any police department or police chief.