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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 20A: Application for salvage title; procedure

Section 20A. (a) The application for the salvage title shall be made by the owner, except as provided for in subsection (e) of section 20, to the registrar on such form or forms as the registrar shall prescribe and shall be accompanied by: (1) a properly assigned certificate of title, except as provided for in said subsection (e) of said section 20; (2) any other information and documents the registrar may reasonably require to establish ownership of the vehicle and the existence or nonexistence of a lien to the extent not inconsistent with said subsection (e) of said section 20; and (3) the required fee.

(b) The registrar shall file each application for salvage title received and maintain adequate record thereof and, when satisfied as to its genuineness and regularity, shall issue a salvage title. The salvage title shall serve as proof of ownership and shall contain the name and address of the owner, a description of the vehicle, a salvage certificate serial number and any other data the registrar prescribes.