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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 20F: Reassembly of motor vehicles from other motor vehicles; application for title and inspection

Section 20F. (a) Any person, including a person licensed under section fifty-nine of chapter one hundred and forty, who reassembles a motor vehicle by means of welding together or connecting the frames or unit bodies of two or more motor vehicles, which are not total loss salvage vehicles, shall make application to the registrar for a certificate of title and an inspection of the motor vehicle prior to registration or sale of said vehicle. Each application for title and inspection shall be accompanied by the following:

(1) the outstanding certificate of title;

(2) an affidavit signed by the owner in the form prescribed by the registrar which includes the following information: (i) the identification numbers of each motor vehicle used to reassemble or connect the motor vehicle; (ii) bills of sale evidencing acquisition of all major component parts used to rebuild the vehicle with the corresponding identification numbers of the vehicles from which parts were removed if such a part contains or should contain the manufacturer's vehicle identification number; (iii) a description of the location of the point of connection or weld joint of the two or more vehicle frames; and

(3) the required inspection fee.

The inspection shall include an examination of the vehicle and its major component parts to determine that the vehicle information contained in the application and supporting documents is true and correct, and that there is no indication that the vehicle or any of its parts are stolen. Said inspection shall be conducted by a person appointed under the provisions of section twenty-nine of chapter ninety. Such inspection shall not be for the purpose of checking road worthiness or the safety condition of the vehicle. No liability shall be imposed upon the registrar of motor vehicles or upon the commonwealth or its agents or employees which may result from, or be connected with, any act or omission relative to said inspection.

(b) Upon satisfactory inspection results and receipt of all required documents and fees, the registrar shall issue a new certificate of title which shall contain the notation ''reconstructed''.