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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 10A: Temporary moorings of floats or rafts; permits, issuance or refusal; review; public nuisances

Section 10A. Notwithstanding any contrary provision of law, the harbormaster of a city or town or whomsoever is so empowered by said city or town may authorize by permit the mooring on a temporary basis of floats or rafts held by anchors or bottom moorings within the territorial jurisdiction of such city or town upon such terms, conditions and restrictions as he shall deem necessary. He shall act on applications for such permits within a period of fifteen days from receipt thereof.

A reasonable fee for such mooring permit, proportionate to the city or town's cost of overseeing mooring permits, may be imposed by the city or town or whoever is so authorized by the city or town, but no mooring fee shall discriminate on the basis of residence. Any mooring fee collected shall be deposited into and used in accordance with the purposes of a municipal waterways improvement and maintenance fund established pursuant to section 5G of chapter 40.

Any person aggrieved by a refusal to permit such temporary mooring, or by any condition or restriction imposed relative to such mooring, may appeal to the division of waterways of the department within thirty days after receiving notice of such refusal or of the imposition of such condition or restriction.

Said division shall review the circumstances resulting in such appeal and shall render a ruling either confirming the action of a harbormaster, setting such action aside, or amending such action and imposing its own conditions and restrictions as deemed necessary.

Nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing the placement of floats or rafts and appurtenant anchors or bottom moorings on private flats of other than the applicant if objected to by the owner or owners thereof.

Actions by a harbormaster and/or the division under this section shall be subject to applicable laws administered by the division of motor boats, the division of marine fisheries, the United States Coast Guard and the United States Corps of Engineers.

Floats or rafts held by anchors or bottom moorings installed without permission from a harbormaster and/or said division shall be considered a public nuisance and may be removed by the harbormaster at the expense of the owner in the event he fails to remove same after notice in writing from the harbormaster.

For the purpose of this section, temporary shall mean for no longer than to the end of any given calendar year.