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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2A: Powers as to property acquired, built or improved in Plymouth by Pilgrim tercentenary commission

Section 2A. The department, having charge under section two of the lands, pier, structures and other property in the town of Plymouth belonging to the commonwealth which were acquired, built or improved by the Pilgrim tercentenary commission under chapter one hundred and eighty-seven of the Special Acts of nineteen hundred and nineteen, may repair, alter and maintain said pier and other structures, and if it deems it advisable remove said pier, or may equip, operate and administer the same for the benefit of the commonwealth, and may from time to time make such rules and regulations, and may charge such reasonable rates for the use of said pier and equipment, as shall be approved by the governor and council. All receipts hereunder shall be paid into the state treasury. The town of Plymouth shall have police jurisdiction over said lands, pier and other property. Subject to appropriation and with the approval of the governor and council, the department may arrange with said town or with any appropriate memorial or historical society for the care, maintenance and use of said lands, pier and other property or any part or parts thereof, and said town is hereby authorized to appropriate money to pay the costs and expenses of such care and maintenance. With the approval of the governor and council, the department may sell and convey or lease said pier.