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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 47: Application for license; issuance; conditions; bond

Section 47. Upon the application of the owner of any vessel, scow, lighter or similar floating structure, the department may issue a license authorizing him to break up such vessel or other floating structure upon the following conditions: first, that the written consent of the owner of the premises where the work is to be done shall first be obtained and filed with the department; second, that all the material composing the vessel or other structure shall be removed wholly from tide water, to the satisfaction of the department; third, that the work shall be completed within a certain fixed time, which may be extended by the department; fourth, if the work is not completed at the time fixed in the license or as so extended, the department may cause the work to be completed at the expense of the licensee; and fifth, such other conditions as the department deems proper in any case. Before receiving the license, the licensee shall file a bond with the department in a sum fixed by it, with satisfactory sureties, in which the commonwealth is obligee, conditioned to perform the provisions of the license and to pay to the commonwealth such sums as it may expend in connection with the work licensed.