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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 54: Dumping; notice; inspector; cost of supervision

Section 54. Every contractor or other person shall, at least three days before commencing any piece of dredging in tide water, give written notice to the department of the location and amount of the proposed work, and the time at which it is expected work will begin and, except with the written assent of the department, no dredged or other material which it is proposed to dump in tide water, shall be transported or dumped within the tide waters of the commonwealth, unless there is present on board the scows containing the material, or on the boat towing the same, an inspector employed for that purpose by the department; and no such material shall, in any event, be dumped within the limits of any channel which has been deepened by dredging, nor in any other part of the tide waters of the commonwealth, unless the same is duly authorized. The state treasurer may recover in contract from such contractor or person the cost of supervision determined as provided in the two preceding sections.