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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 35: Acquisition and maintenance of roadways or boulevards

Section 35. The commission may connect any way, park or other public open space with any part of the towns of the urban parks district by suitable roadways or boulevards, in this chapter called boulevards, and for this purpose exercise any of the rights and powers granted the commission in respect to reservations, and may construct and maintain along, across, upon or over lands acquired for such boulevards or for reservations, a suitable roadway or boulevard. The commission shall have the same rights and powers over and in regard to said boulevards as are or may be vested in it in regard to reservations and shall also have such rights and powers in regard to the same as, in general, counties, cities and towns have over public ways under their control. The commission shall submit its plans for any such connection to the secretary of the department of transportation and the administrator for highways so that it may be included in their capital plans.

Notwithstanding section 20 of chapter 21A, the division and department shall preserve and protect the scenic and historic integrity of its roadways and boulevards. Neither the department nor the division shall enter into an interagency or other agreement concerning the roadways and boulevards with a state or public agency or entity to transfer any lands, roadways or boulevards, bridges, facilities, personnel, equipment or material under its care, custody and control without the express prior approval of the legislature.