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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 76A: Permit to take water from basin; hearing; approval

Section 76A. The metropolitan district commission, after a public hearing notice of which shall be sent to the department of environmental protection, and to all cities and towns bordering on the Charles river basin, as defined by section two of chapter five hundred and twenty-four of the acts of nineteen hundred and nine and acts in amendments thereof and in addition thereto, and subject to the approval of said department as hereinafter provided, may grant to any such city or town which accepts sections seventy-six A to seventy-six E, inclusive, by vote of the city council or selectmen a permit to take water from said basin for purposes of fire protection and of sale, at such price as the municipality may determine, to manufacturing establishments within its limits for cooling and condensing purposes. A city or town receiving such a permit may construct and maintain on lands owned by it all necessary works and pumping stations and may lay and maintain in such lands and in its streets all necessary mains and pipes, and, to such extent and on such terms and conditions as may be authorized in such permit, may lay said mains and pipes on or in lands under the control of the division. Any permit granted hereunder shall prescribe the maximum amount of water which may be drawn from said basin thereunder, and the place and manner of taking said water and of the return of said water except such as is used for fire protection, and shall provide for the metering of said water both at the place of taking and of return, and for reimbursing the division for all expenses of supervision and inspection. Such permit shall also prescribe the location, and the mode of construction and of laying, of all works, mains and pipes within lands under the division's control, and such other terms and conditions as in the division's opinion the public interest may require. No such permit shall be granted except in such form as shall be approved by the department of environmental protection, and no construction shall be commenced or carried on thereunder until all plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved by the department of environmental protection.