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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 76B: Permits; conditions; violations; revocation

Section 76B. Any such permit shall be upon the condition that water taken thereunder for purposes other than fire protection shall be supplied only to such manufacturers as can use it in a system of closed pipes without opening at any point within their premises; that it is to be discharged through a special system of outlet pipes into the basin or the canals thereof in a manner approved by the commission; and that no oil, refuse, or other substance which would be harmful to the water in the basin shall be added to the water before its return to the basin. Upon violation of any condition in the permit, or if in the opinion of the commission the use of water under the permit impairs the quality or, except for water used for fire protection, reduces the quantity of the water of the basin, the commission shall revoke the permit; and no new permit shall be granted unless the commission finds that there is no danger of future breach of condition of a permit when granted, or that the quality of the water of the basin will not be impaired.