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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 102: Marketing and promotion of apples; purpose and policy

Section 102. It is hereby declared that the marketing of fresh and processed apples in this commonwealth in excess of reasonable and normal market demands therefor, disorderly marketing of such apples, improper preparation for market and lack of uniform grading and classification of such apples, unfair methods of competition in the marketing of such apples and the inability of individual producers to develop new and larger markets for them, result in an unreasonable and unnecessary economic waste of the agricultural wealth of this commonwealth. Such conditions and the accompanying waste jeopardize the future continued production of adequate food supplies for the people of the commonwealth and other states. These conditions vitally concern the health, safety and general welfare of the people of this commonwealth.

It is therefore declared the legislative purpose and the policy of this commonwealth:

(a) to enable apple producers of this commonwealth, with the aid of the commonwealth, more effectively to correlate the marketing of their apples with market demands therefor;

(b) to establish orderly, efficient and equitable marketing of apples;

(c) to provide for uniform grading and proper preparation of apples for market;

(d) to provide methods and means for the development of new and larger markets for fresh and processed apples produced in this commonwealth;

(e) to eliminate or reduce the economic waste in the marketing of fresh and processed apples.