General Laws

Section 2C. No person shall administer or cause to be administered any drug, internally or externally by injection, drench or otherwise, to any animal for the purpose of retarding, stimulating or in any other manner affecting the performance of such animal in or in connection with a contest conducted under the provisions of paragraph (f) of section two.

The commissioner is hereby authorized to make such tests of saliva, blood and urine of any animal entered into a pulling contest as he may deem necessary. If a drug is found in the chemical analysis of said saliva, blood or urine, it shall be prima facie evidence that a drug has been administered.

The owner of any animal which has been tested and in which a drug has been found, his representative, and any animals owned by or leased to such person shall be ineligible to participate in or receive premiums offered at any agricultural fair or any pulling contest in the commonwealth pending an investigation, finding, and order of the commissioner.

The commissioner may make rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this section.