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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 66: Licenses to distribute fertilizers; registration of specialty fertilizers; applications; labels; fees

Section 66. No person shall manufacture or distribute in the commonwealth any type of fertilizer, except specialty fertilizers, until a license to distribute has been obtained by the person whose labeling is applied to such fertilizer from the commissioner upon payment of a one hundred and twenty-five dollar license fee. All such licenses expire on the thirty-first day of December of each year. The application for license shall include the name and address of licensee, and this information shall be shown on all labels, pertinent invoices, and bulk storage for fertilizers distributed by the licensee in the commonwealth.

No person shall distribute in the commonwealth a specialty fertilizer, soil conditioner or agricultural liming material until it is registered by the manufacturer or distributor with the commissioner. An application in duplicate, listing each brand and product name of each grade of specialty fertilizer, for each soil conditioner, and for each agricultural liming material shall be made on a form furnished by the commissioner and shall be accompanied with a registration fee of twenty-five dollars. Labels for each product for which a registration application is made shall accompany the application. Upon approval of an application by the commissioner, a copy of the registration shall be furnished the applicant. All registrations expire on the thirty-first day of December each year. An application for registration of specialty fertilizers shall include: name and address of the manufacturer or distributor, the brand and product name, the grade, the guaranteed analysis, and the package sizes for persons that package specialty fertilizers only in containers of ten pounds or less.