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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 85: Sale of seeds; labeling or tagging containers; required information

Section 85. Except as otherwise provided in section ninety-two, each container of agricultural, vegetable, flower or tree and shrub seed which is sold, offered for sale or exposed for sale within the commonwealth for sowing purposes shall bear thereon, or have attached thereto in a conspicuous place on one side of a plainly written or printed label or tag, in the English language, the name and address of the person who labeled said seed, or who sells, offers or exposes said seed for sale within the commonwealth. If said seed has been treated, a separate label may be used, which shall bear thereon a word or statement indicating that the seed has been treated, the commonly accepted coined, chemical or abbreviated chemical name of the applied substance, and, if the substance in the amount present with the seed is harmful to humans or other vertebrate animals, a statement advising caution such as ''Do not use for food, feed or oil purposes''. If said seed contains mercurials or similarly toxic substances, a statement or symbol shall indicate that it is poisonous. It shall contain the name and number of each kind of ''Restricted Noxious-Weed Seed'' per pound when present.