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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8A: Periodic inspections of installations and facilities operated by licensees; supervision of stewards, judges and starters

[Text of section effective until July 31, 2019. Repealed by 2011, 194, Sec. 39. See 2011, 194, Sec. 112 as amended by 2014, 165, Sec. 192; 2016, 176, Sec. 12B; 2107, 56, Sec. 14; and 2018, 159, Sec. 14.]

Section 8A. The commission shall make periodic inspections of all of the installations and facilities operated by its licensees, including stable areas and the office of the racing secretary during the time that entries are being filed. Each member shall from time to time personally visit the jockeys' room to observe the activity of the custodians and valets, and the operation of the clerk of the scales, weighing procedures and security provisions. The activities of stewards, placing judges, patrol judges and starters shall be closely supervised by said commission and the calculating and tote control room of the various tracks shall be regularly spot-checked to insure fair and equitable results for the wagering public.