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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9: Power of commission to make rules and regulations

[Text of section effective until July 31, 2019. Repealed by 2011, 194, Sec. 39. See 2011, 194, Sec. 112 as amended by 2014, 165, Sec. 192; 2016, 176, Sec. 12B; 2017, 56, Sec. 14; and 2018, 159, Sec. 14.]

Section 9. The commission shall have full power to prescribe rules, regulations and conditions under which all horse or dog races at horse or dog racing meetings shall be conducted in the commonwealth and may by rule or regulation prohibit licensees from admitting minors to dog or horse racing meetings.

The commission shall have power to prescribe special rules, regulations and conditions applicable to horse and dog racing meetings held under licenses granted hereunder in connection with a state or county fair, or any exhibition for the encouragement or extension of agriculture.

The commission shall prescribe rules and regulations under which dog race track licensees shall be required to provide access to schooling races and participation in pari-mutuel dog races conducted by said licensees for Massachusetts bred greyhounds.

[Fourth paragraph effective until July 31, 2019. See 2001, 139, Sec. 45 as amended by 2005, 176, Sec. 13; 2006, 54, Sec. 12; 2006, 449, Secs. 19 and 21; 2008, 290, Sec. 12; 2009, 167, Sec. 12; 2010, 203, Sec. 12; 2011, 77, Sec. 12; 2011, 194, Sec. 84; 2014, 264, Sec. 11; 2016, 176, Sec. 11; 2017, 56, Sec. 11; and 2018, 159, Sec. 11.]

The commission shall prescribe rules and regulations under which betting accounts for account wagering, as provided in section 5C, shall be established, maintained and operated.

Rules and regulations so prescribed shall be printed by the commission and furnished in reasonable numbers to any one who may request them.

Any person violating any such rule or regulation shall, upon a complaint brought by the commission, be punished by a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars or by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or by both.