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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14E: Breeding, feeder or slaughter swine imported into commonwealth

Section 14E. All breeding swine imported into the commonwealth shall enter directly from a qualified-free herd, as indicated by a health certificate, and shall be negative to a serum neutralization test for pseudorabies conducted within thirty days prior to entry. Said entering swine shall be kept in isolation upon entry and be retested for pseudorabies between thirty and sixty days post entry. Feeder or slaughter swine entering the commonwealth shall originate from such qualified-free herd and shall be held at first destination until consigned to slaughter. If first destination is the premise of a licensed swine dealer, said feeder swine may be resold for feeding and slaughter only upon individual identification and permit from the division of animal health. No swine shall be transported into the commonwealth if such swine had previously been pseudorabies vaccinated.