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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 1A: Division of marine fisheries

Section 1A. The division of marine fisheries shall be within the department in the executive office of environmental affairs and shall be under the administrative supervision of a director who shall be called the director of marine fisheries. The director of the division of marine fisheries shall be appointed and may be removed by the commissioner of the department of fish and game with the approval of the marine fisheries advisory commission. The said division of marine fisheries shall administer all the laws relating to marine fisheries as appearing in chapter one hundred and thirty and any other general or special laws, except as pertain to the enforcement thereof. It shall be responsible for the biological development of marine fish and fisheries. Said division shall co-operate with all departments, boards, officials and institutions of the commonwealth or its subdivisions that may be concerned in any way with matters under its supervision. It shall co-operate with adjoining states and with the United States of America, or any agency thereof, with foreign countries, and any other agency, as may be authorized by the general court, and receive and dispense such funds from any of such agencies, states or governments as may be authorized by the general court.