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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 23: Discharge of oil or other poisonous substances into coastal waters; use of explosives; penalty

Section 23. Except in the case of emergency imperiling life or property or an unavoidable accident or except in accordance with the terms of a permit issued pursuant to state or federal water pollution control laws, no person shall, from any source: (i) put, throw, discharge or suffer or permit to be discharged or permit the escape of any oil, poisonous or other injurious substance into any coastal waters; provided, however, that such substances shall include, but not limited to, sawdust, shavings, garbage, ashes, acids, sewage and dye-stuffs, whether simple, mixed or compound, or heated effluent, which directly or indirectly materially injures fish, fish spawn or seed therein; (ii) take any such fish by any such means; (iii) kill or destroy fish in any such waters by the use of dynamite or other explosives; (iv) take any such fish in such waters by such means; or (v) explode dynamite or other explosive in such waters.