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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 33: Reports of owners of boats and fishing gear; marking of fish cars

Section 33. The owner of every boat, and the owner of every pound net, fish trap, weir, fyke net or similar contrivance, fishing pier, seine, drag or gill net, lobster or crab pot or trap or other fishing gear, hereinafter referred to as devices, used for fishing purposes, and every licensee under section thirty-eight shall annually, before January thirty-first, make a written report, on oath, to the director, of the number of pounds and the value of each kind of edible fish caught by him with such boat or such devices and the number of lobsters and edible crabs taken by him in pots or traps for the twelve months ending on the preceding December thirty-first, and the number and value of the devices, if any, used in such catching or taking, and the number of persons, if any, employed therein; and for such purpose the director shall annually, on or before March fifteenth, provide him, upon his application, with suitable blank forms for such reports, so arranged that each month's catch may be separately recorded thereon; and, in filling out such reports, such owner shall give, so far as practicable, the above required results of each month's fishing. In lieu of said annual report the director may require such owner to submit a monthly report of such facts listed herein as the director may deem advisable. Such owner shall apply to the director for such blank forms. The owner of any fish cars or other contrivances used for keeping fish, lobsters or edible crabs shall have his name and residence legibly marked thereon. The license, permit or certificate of any person to take such fish, lobsters or edible crabs who refuses, or knowingly or wilfully neglects to make the report required hereby or knowingly or wilfully makes a false report shall be suspended and he shall not receive a new license, certificate or permit until such report is made.