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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 44B: Limits on sales of lobsters taken by methods other than pots or traps

Section 44B. No commercial fishing vessel landing lobsters taken by any method other than by pots or traps shall land for the purpose of sale or distribution any lobsters or any part thereof at any location within the jurisdiction of the commonwealth in excess of one hundred lobsters for a fishing trip of one twenty-four hour day or less duration, with a maximum limit of five hundred lobsters within a period of seven consecutive days. The director, with approval of the marine fisheries advisory commission, shall promulgate rules to implement this section within ninety days of its effective date.

The director shall monitor the performance of vessels taking and landing lobsters in the commonwealth taken by other than pots and traps. If landings by vessels landing lobsters taken by other than by pots or traps exceed six percent of total lobster landings in any year, the director shall implement regulations, subject to the approval of said marine fisheries advisory commission, to limit lobster landings in subsequent years by vessels using other than pots or traps to no more than six percent of total lobster landings in the commonwealth.

The provisions of this section governing the landing of lobsters by vessels fishing with other than pots or traps, shall be superseded by the development or implementation subsequent to the effective date of this act of either a federal or interstate fishery management plan governing the taking or landing of lobsters under the jurisdiction of the federal government.