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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 47: Marking barrels, boxes or containers of lobsters or lobster meat

Section 47. All barrels, boxes or other containers containing lobsters, or lobster meat after the same has been taken from the shell, shall, before being delivered to any carrier, be marked by the shipper in a plain and legible manner on the outside thereof ''Lobsters'' or ''Lobster Meat'', as the case may be, in capital letters at least one inch in length, together with the full name and address of the shipper, and, in the case of such lobster meat, also with the words, ''removed under permit No. '', followed by the number of the permit under which the same was taken from the shell; and, unless in barrels, boxes or other containers so marked, no lobster or lobster meat shall be transported. Any such barrels, boxes or other containers delivered to or transported by any carrier without being marked as above required, and the lobsters or lobster meat therein, shall be seized and forfeited. This section and section forty-nine shall not apply to lobsters or lobster meat passing through the commonwealth under authority of the laws of the United States.