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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 19: License to put fish or spawn into inland waters; permit to import live fish or viable eggs, certification, inspection for disease, and disposition

Section 19. A person shall not put into any of the inland waters of the commonwealth any species of fish or spawn thereof unless he possesses a valid license so to do issued under section twenty-three, or unless he has secured the written approval of the director.

A person shall not bring or cause to be brought into the commonwealth any live fish or viable eggs of fish protected by this chapter unless he first obtains a permit so to do from the director. Any application for such permit shall be received not less than fifteen nor more than thirty days prior to shipment. Upon payment of a fee of five dollars, a permit may be issued if the director determines that such importation is not detrimental to the inland fisheries resources of the commonwealth and provided that the immediate source of fish or eggs is certified by a person recognized by the director as qualified to diagnose fish diseases to be free of infectious diseases and parasites. Fish or viable eggs imported under this permit shall be subject to inspection by agents of the director at any time or place. Such inspections may include the taking of fish or egg samples for biological examination. The cost of such inspection shall be paid by the permittee.

Any such fish or viable eggs of fish which is brought into the commonwealth in violation of this section, or which is so brought under authority of a permit granted hereunder and is found upon inspection to be diseased, may be confiscated by an officer empowered to enforce this chapter and shall be forfeited to the commonwealth and shall be disposed of by the director of law enforcement for the best interest of the commonwealth.