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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 1H: Bureau of wildlife research and management

Section 1H. There shall be in the division of fisheries and wildlife, under the control of a director, a bureau of wildlife research and management headed by a superintendent, who shall not be subject to the provisions of chapter thirty-one and who shall be appointed by the director, with the approval of the board, and may be removed by him with like approval. He shall be qualified by training and experience to conduct the duties of his office. The superintendent shall, with the approval of the director, provide for all beneficial forms of wildlife; he shall co-operate with the University of Massachusetts and with federal agencies in all matters pertaining to wildlife research and management, and shall supervise and manage all wildlife sanctuaries which are under the management or control of the division. For the purposes of this section, the word ''wildlife'' means birds, mammals and inland fish.

The superintendent, subject to the approval of the director, shall conduct such scientific studies as he may deem necessary in the work of the bureau, and, subject to like approval, shall collect, classify and designate such studies, data and information as in his opinion will tend to promote the objects of said bureau.

There shall be a state ornithologist in the bureau of wildlife research and management appointed by the director with the approval of the board. He shall advise and consult with the superintendent concerning the avifauna of the commonwealth.