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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32: Licenses; expiration; loan or transfer; production for examination; suspension or revocation

Section 32. Unless otherwise specified, all licenses, permits and certificates issued under any provision of this chapter shall expire at twelve midnight on December thirty-first next succeeding the effective date of such license, permit or certificate. Such licenses, permits and certificates shall not be loaned or transferred. Such licenses, permits or certificates shall be produced for examination upon the demand of the director of law enforcement, deputy directors of enforcement, chiefs of enforcement, deputy chiefs of enforcement, environmental police officers, deputy environmental police officers, deputies, wardens, or other officers qualified to serve criminal process, the director of fisheries and wildlife and his agents, or the owner or lessee of land upon which the privileges of the license, permit or certificate are being exercised. A person shall not falsely make any representation or statement for the purpose of procuring any such license, permit or certificate for himself or another. All licenses, permits or certificates issued under any provision of this chapter, except hunting, fishing, sporting or trapping licenses, may, after a hearing, due notice of which shall have been given, be suspended or revoked for cause by the director.