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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 35: Failure to carry license and wear it visibly; exception under automated licensing system

Section 35. The provisions of section thirty-four, except as hereinafter provided, shall not apply to any holder of a sporting, hunting, fishing or trapping license who violates section twelve in that he fails to carry such license on his person and wear it in a visible manner on his outer clothing while fishing, hunting or trapping; provided, that he furnishes definite proof to the person demanding production of his license for inspection, as authorized in section thirty-two, that he is the holder of a valid license. In the event that the holder of such license fails to carry it on his person and wear it in a visible manner, he shall for his first offence be reported to the director of law enforcement; upon his second such offence, his license shall be surrendered and shall be suspended for a period of thirty days from the date of the notice of his second offence, after which it will be returned to him by said director; and upon a subsequent offence his license shall be subject to the provisions of section thirty-four. A person shall surrender such license on demand of any officer empowered to enforce this chapter.

The provisions of this section which relate to the wearing of a license shall be in effect until such time as the division of fisheries and wildlife has instituted an automated licensing system for hunting, fishing, sporting and trapping licenses.