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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 50: Methods of taking fish; angling, nets and seines, pots, spearing, bow and arrow

Section 50. A person shall not, except as otherwise permitted by law, take or attempt to take any fish in inland waters, in any other manner than by angling; but cities and towns may permit the use of nets and seines for taking herring and alewives, and may permit the use of pots for the taking of eels only in ponds having direct openings to the sea. This section shall not prohibit spearing or taking by use of bow and arrow eels, carp or the species of fish commonly known as suckers; provided, that no arrows shall be released within one hundred and fifty feet of any state or hard surfaced highway for the purpose of taking such fish. This section shall not apply to ponds or waters held under lease from the department.