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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 81: Suspension of open seasons because of fire hazard

Section 81. Whenever it shall appear to the governor that by reason of extreme drought there is danger of fire resulting from hunting, trapping, fishing or other cause, he may, by proclamation suspend the opening or continuance of any or all open seasons established by or under the authority of this chapter, or any authorized extension thereof, and proclaim a closed season on any or all birds, fish or mammals, for such time as he may therein designate, and may therein prohibit hunting, trapping, fishing and the possession of firearms on property of another during the same time, and he may, by the same or another proclamation, proclaim that any or all sections of the woodlands in the commonwealth where danger of fire might exist shall be closed for such time as he may therein designate to hunters, trappers, fishermen and such other persons as he deems proper under the circumstances except the owners or tenants of such property and their agents and employees, or persons holding written permission from any such owner or tenant to enter thereon for any lawful purpose other than hunting, trapping or fishing. As soon as the fire hazard is deemed to be over, the governor, for the purpose of providing just and reasonable facilities for hunting, trapping and fishing, in like manner may extend any such open season for a period or periods not exceeding, in the aggregate, the time of such suspension, and if, by reason of any such extension such open season in whole or in part coincides with any other open season in such manner as to cause any conflict in the laws relating thereto, he may, in like manner, postpone such other open season for such time as may be necessary to avoid such conflict.

Every such proclamation shall take effect as therein stated. A proclamation issued under this section shall be published in such newspapers or posted in such places and in such manner under the direction of the department as the governor may order; but failure to comply with this paragraph shall not in any way invalidate any proclamation made under authority of this section.